Saturday, October 11, 2008

Personal Update

First an update on my schedule and how it will affect blog updates. I am officially now a true Jamaican with 10 jobs :-D ...well officially seven classes and they'll be kicking my ***!

On the positive side, I am ecstatic about my new position as Sociology faculty at Southwest College in LA (LASC). It is a full time tenure track position and it takes me back to da community which is where I want to be. But of course there are costs. One, the commute...ugh! Luckily, I have family that loves me and lives in LA so i can stay with them from time to time to make the commute less often and painful :-). This semester will be particularly hectic because the job was a last minute addition and my schedule for fall was already set. So this fall I am teaching at three schools all over the map - UCI, OCC, and LASC!

So while I will have no life for a few months, I really can't complain. Gerald is being very supportive...he's helping by getting the kids to/from school since i gotta be up at the crack of dawn and don't get home til late at night...basically he's just happy I finally have a real :-p

So I won't have much time for the million other things I usually do...including timely updates to this blog..but I will try to at least add some links to good articles to peep and videos to watch etc. because this election is quite historic and we still need to be as engaged and informed as possible.

And please continue to leave comments...I definitely could use some words of encouragement to get through these hectic' real. One


adrian said...

Reminds me of "Hey Mon"

"I never loved your mother, I married her because she gad 6 jobs!"

that takes me back. No wonder you're so busy, keep on keepin on!

michelle406 said...


I understand your hectic life... but keep up the good work. Although we dont get to talk or see each other much, you will always be my sister and I will always be here for you. You and your family are much loved here on the east coast! Very proud of you always...much love from Virginia,

Tina said...


LOL :-D thanks for posting this clip! Mon...dis ting here is me jus' livin up to me and yea, i'm beat!

Tina said...


Great to hear from you, especially on this day. I hope you got my message and will check back and see the tribute I just finished to Ma. I love you too! and miss you all. I think I will try to bring the family to VA next summer to see everybody. Now that i got a real job i might be able to swing it! lol

Michele said...

And know that I suffer alongside you on the road, also driving to the ends of the earth...and I live 25 miles past your house! I think about you out there, stay strong!

Jeff Lee said...

I read this almost a long while ago but I didn't leave a commment because I remembered I had to go to class( And I have to again in 15 minutes) Anyways just wishing you well and even though I don't comment, your blog is definitely worth the time readding as one way to stay updated

Tina said...

Thanks Jeff for reading the blog and leaving a comment :-) Hope you are enjoying your winter break...are you graduating this year?

La Shanda said...

I loved better days since I was 14years old. If you think no other person have walk in your shoe's are lost important people in their life. I've been on your road it's hard to pass but we still have to be strong for the rest of the family. Remember all the words Grandma said. It's funny how you can still hear the words crystal clear.

Tina said...

La Shanda - I appreciate you taking the time to visit my blog and post a comment. I read the lyrics of Better Days at my Grandma's memorial service. I listen to it from time to time when i need to put life in perspective. I know life can be trying and we have to get through many dark nights, but better days will patient.