Saturday, October 11, 2008

We will miss you Chessie

We lost our first family dog today. We got her and Marley (our shepard/boxer mix) in the early part of summer 2000, when Jaren was just a they all grew up together. She was a full breed Rott & her father was the largest Rott I've ever seen. She never did get tall like her dad, but boy was she strong. She had mad hops and could bust through wrought iron fences back in her younger But in the last two years, she's been slowed down by arthritis and other ailments. She was named after a childhood dog of mine, but she was definitely an original....strong with attitude, but very loving...basically she was..a strong black female :-) there were two in the family...and now, there is one. I'll hold it down Chess, but you will be missed.

Chessie: one beautiful dog

Marley & Chessie chillin'
...Marley will miss his partner in crime

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